“You Want to be Average? Stay Average.”

"You Want to be Average? Stay Average." - JBarrows

By John Barrows | May 10, 2017 "You want to be average? Stay average." That was a quote I said during an interview I did with SalesLoft at their Rainmaker16 event that went viral. The fact that it went viral tells me the audience agreed with what I was saying and that they wanted to be the best they could be.

Booking a sales appointment

Booking a sales appointment

Sellers who are not successful in getting quotes are sometimes told by others, "It's not you; we're in a bad economy." My argument is that maybe it's you. Think about it a minute: When you get a real person on the other end of the phone line instead of a voice recorder, what are you saying and in what order? Are you bothered with the sale or you want an appointment? Getting an appointment and setting it up nicely is an important and vital step.

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